Repetitive Motion Injuries: Different kinds and how to prevent them

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In an industry like construction, repetitive motion injuries are rife. These can be defined as injuries that occur as a result of carrying out the same motion or activity over and over again.

In every industry, each employee has his or her own unique role. With each job comes a host of movements that could lead to injury. These include heavy lifting, reaching, climbing and carrying any kinds of materials around site.  

Different safety measures like wearing the correct contractor shoes can go a long way in lessening your risk of repetitive motion injuries. Here are a few types of injuries and how you might be able to prevent them.

This can be likened to “tennis elbow” and occurs when forceful motions on joints lead to an inflammation of the tendons (that connect muscle to bone). On site, heavy lifting and unnatural motions like painting a ceiling can cause these. To reduce your risk of tendonitis, learn the best practise method of all work activities that you are required to carry out. That way, you are less likely to cause injury. Should you have existing tendonitis, visit your doctor and take a course of anti-inflammatory medication. Stretching the area that is affected prior to work activity will also help to reduce flare-ups.

This is a painful condition affecting the bursae – sacks of fluid, found in the joint regions of the knees, shoulders, hips and elbows. It stems from repetitive movements within these areas, making recurring flare-ups common. Treatment usually involves resting the injured joint and preventing further trauma. When knee bursitis is concerned, the right pair of contractor shoes will provide enough support to lessen the risk of knee bursitis. Should you suffer from shoulder bursitis, avoid lifting heavy objects until the shoulder has healed.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
This is caused by carrying heavy weight above the shoulder region and leads to a restriction of movement in the upper body, particularly in the arms. As a result, those affected will find it difficult to raise their arms above shoulder height. This condition requires more medical attention than the other two mentioned above and should be seen to in a medical consultation.

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