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The time was January 1890. The Health Committee conducted its first census of what was then only the very beginning stages of what would later become South Africa’s largest city. The census found that Johannesburg had a mere 26 303 inhabitants. There were 13 820 buildings, of which 772 were shops and stores and 261 hotels and bars.

It was in one of these buildings where Frams was born. In the late 1890s Mr DI Fram opened a factory by the same name. The factory’s initial focus was the manufacture of rubber gumboots and some years later, it branched into leather boots for the mines and railways; even manufacturing boots for a number of pioneering Antarctic expeditions.

Much has changed over the years, but as one of South Africa’s original safety footwear brands, Frams continues to manufacture consistent, economical and reliable safety wear. The Frams range caters to a diverse range of wearers, from individual contractors to more permanent workforces looking for a range of affordable, good quality safety wear.

As a BBF Safety Group subsidiary, Frams safety wear is centered around our customers. We are mindful of the needs and challenges faced by our customers in Africa and to us, value extends beyond price alone.

Manufacturing Standards:

The Frams range of safety footwear is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities with 20345 accreditation as standard. Frams is also a proud and fully-fledged member of SAFLIA/SAFLEC.

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