Uses of Polyurethane

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As a man-made form of rubber, Polyurethane or “PU”, as it is most commonly known, is one of the most popular materials in the world. It’s used to manufacture some of the most useful items that we’ve come to rely on. From PU boots to home furnishings like carpets and furniture, it can be found almost anywhere!


Which everyday items are fashioned out of PU? The list is endless, but here are a few of the most common ones:

A comfortable bed goes a long way in ensuring that you stay well rested. PU helps to make your dreams a little sweeter by softening the foam in your mattress. In addition to this, it also helps to maintain the shape of your mattress itself.

From trendy shoes to PU boots, PU is a popular choice for use when manufacturing footwear. This is because shoes made with PU generally last longer than those made without it. It’s typically found in the soles of shoes. In strenuous environments, PU provides extra durability for wearers, giving them footwear they can depend on. It is for this reason that we make use of PU in Frams Safety Footwear!

Car bumpers
PU is used in this capacity for it’s high strength and low weight properties. It is also good at withstanding heat.

The underside binding of most carpets are made out of PU. This is to extend the lifespan of carpeting against the wear and tear of foot traffic tugging the woven fabric on top.

You know those trendy leather-look jackets you’ve had your eye on? They’re made from PU. Many years ago, innovative scientists discovered that PU could be made into strands of thread. This thread, when used in making clothing alongside nylon, made apparel lighter with a bit more stretch. Think spandex and man-made leathers!

Fridges and freezers
You can thank PU for keeping things cool! Thermal insulation systems are made from polyurethane. PU also helps manufactured appliances to meet their energy consumption ratings. This is because PU provides such an effective thermal insulation system that appliances use less energy to bring the temperature down and maintain it!

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